Daniel Krakower is only 11 years old, but he's already an experienced equestrian. Before coming to Circle of Hope one year ago, he did some riding with another organization. The family started with Circle of Hope after doing some additional research on riding therapy. Wendy, Daniel's mother, grew up owning horses, and she knows how strong and wonderful the bond between a horse and rider can be.

"Not only that but we wanted Daniel to being involved in something that one, he could get exercise from; two, that he could do all year round; and three, grow old with," said Wendy.

Well, it seems as though Daniel has come to the right place! Although his sessions at Circle of Hope are technically "therapy sessions," the family agrees that they certainly don't feel that way. Riding gives him the benefits of both physical and occupational therapy, without the pressures and "medical" feel of a clinical setting. In addition, Daniel is also able to gain confidence in his speech and language skills by interacting with the volunteers and the horse.

Having been to another organization, the Krakower family attests to the strengths of Circle of Hope that set them apart. What is Circle's secret sauce, you ask?! It's the staff. First, there is Lesley who has great insight into Daniel's strengths and needs. She utilizes them to help him in gain confidence and improve in other areas. For parents, it's an amazing feeling to watch your child having so much fun while at the same time growing and learning.

Second, the volunteers are wonderful. Week after week they come smiling and enthusiastic.

"Everyone at Circle of Hope makes Daniel feel like a king! And between the horses, riders, and staff, you really get a sense of comradery and family."