Order Apparel

We are excited to be working with 
Lands' End Business Outfitters! 

You can order anything found on https://business.landsend.com/ and add the Circle of Hope logo.
Click Order Now to see the complete directions on how to add our logo. 

No minimums 
(except on "promotional items")
No deadlines 

You create your OWN account, 
you decide what YOU want, 
you ship it wherever YOU want it to go!

Below is a brief list of suggested items which come in multiple colors, and there are many more options available as well (varies by season)
Questions? Contact Maggie at maggie.reed@chtr.org

Ball Cap: 289784CV7    Cardigan: 414757CV2    Crew Neck: 442658C3    Fleece Jacket: 383291CV1    Women's Long Sleeve: 426595CV7

Wind Shirt: 457660CV0    Tote: 194012CV6    Short Sleeve: 029373CV4    Scarf: 251185CV8  Rain Jacket: 431585CV5

Vest: 457666CV8    Packable Jacket: 458515CV4    Men's Long Sleeve: 029396CV5    Hat: 251186CV2    Plush Throw: 462400CV5